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Sidi Muhammad Press is committed to publishing the spiritually significant teachings of Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal ar-Rifa`i as-Shadhuli.

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(1994) Music of the Soul

This book is more than an introduction to the teachings of the guide of the peace and the love and the mercy to the way of Allah through the religion of the unity in the sufı way. It is the guides transmission of the way to his students from his heart and from his spirit. It is the path of the prophets and messengers and the way of returning to the real life. It is a very important book for any student and a doorway to all the books presented by our beloved guide, Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i.

(1995) Fruits from the Tree of Life

This book is a gathering together of intimate conversations, counseling, words of advice and guidance from Shaykh Muhammad, may Allah be pleased with him, to his students from 1977 to 1994.

(1996) Stories of the Prophets

All twenty-one chapters of the Stories of the Prophets contain teachings and lessons for everyone as the guide explains the deep meaning of the life of every prophet. This book was presented to the students of the guide to help them in their walking in their every day lives with their families, jobs, and with the people.

(1996) The Deeper Meaning Behind the Pillars of Islam

This book covering the topics of unity, ablution, prayer, alms, fasting, and pilgrimage, offers a deep understanding of the true meaning of Islam.

(1996) Al-Wird Ash-Shadhdhuliyyah

In order to know the spirit of our Master, the Saint of Allah, may Allah have mercy upon him, it is necessary to look into his Wazifa which we have included in this book with the ritual ablution and prayer, since it is an exercise of deep spiritual importance and strength coming from the Spirit of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him. Our Shaykh, may Allah be pleased with him, has unveiled for us, in his Explanation to the Wazifa many of the hidden meanings of this revelation.

(1998) Prayer Book of the Shadhdhuliyyah

The Prayer Book of the Shadhdhuliyyah from Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i includes instructions for ablution and ritual prayer, the daily spiritual practice, and the prayer of the wadhifa of Ibn al-Mashishiyyah.

(1998) The Taste of the Love

This is a discourse on the knowledges and levels of arrival of the Reality of the path of lovers and seekers of the highest divine light and beauty through tasting. Translated from the Arabic by Mahmoud Muhammad ar-Rifa’i.

(1998) The Children of the Truth

This book describes the lives and sayings of our masters and those blessed beings who lived in the time following the death of the Prophet Muhammad (salla allahu alayhi wa-salam) whose lives were examples of the love of Allah made manifest in this world. These were the earliest of the people of tasawwuf when to be a true sufi, as one of them said, “Was to be a reality without a name.” Whereas in our day, to be a sufi has become a name without a reality.

(1999) Conversations in the Zawiyah

This book contains conversations with and questions for the guide in his zawiyyah in Jerusalem between 1977 and 1986.

(2000) The Children Around the Table of Allah

This book is a collection of stories and sayings of some of the early Friends of Allah, the Sufis, who followed the path of knowledge. They were patient and trusting, ridding themselves of the comforts and benefits of the material world in order to purify themselves and live only for their Beloved Allah. They persevered through the difficulties and misfortunes they had to face in the annihilation of themselves. A profound explanation of the meanings of the names of Allah introduces this teaching.

(2001) The Meadow of Poetic Truths: Diwan

This collection of the poems of Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i ash-Shadhdhuli is in the tradition of the mystics of Islam.

(2001) The Meaning of the Names of Our Lord

This book contains 99 names of God and their meanings.

(2002) The Path to Allah, Most High

Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i, calling upon his Lord and calling upon His generosity, says, “O You Who created the tree of the world and Who gave it the fruits of the sons of Adam and Who chose from among them, Muhammad, O our God, guide us to the straight path and make us steadfast in Your right religion. O God of all the worlds, by Your mercy, O Most Merciful and by Your generosity, O Most Generous, I write all that is read in this book as a reminder so that whoever wishes may take a way toward his Lord.”

(2003) Spiritual Medicine and Natural Remedies

This book, the first in a series on healing, describes the spiritual and physical medicine used by the Prophet (salla allahu alayhi wa-salam) to heal diseases of hearts and bodies and to prescribe to others.

(2004) Natural Remedies Supplement

This book, the second in the healing series, is a supplement to the previous book “Spiritual Medicine and Natural Remedies” containing more remedies to various illnesses.

(2004) Tafsir of Juz Amma

An explication and detailed explanation of the meanings of al-Fatihah [Q1] and of Juz Amma [Q:78 to Q:114] from the perspective of the shari`ah and the haqiqah presented by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i.

(2004) How the Arrival is Realized, O People of Hearts and Souls and Intellects

In this book, Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i unveils meanings from the beliefs of the gnostics who know Allah by Allah. It is an ordering and description of the stations and states of the travellers as they disappear and their abiding stations come to naught, until that which has never existed perishes and that which has always been abides and remains.

Tafsir of Juz (29) and (28)

(2005) Tafsir of Juz [29] and [28]

Presented by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i who says, “My beloveds! You who aspire to the ways leading to the gate of the Truth so that you may obtain gnosis of Him, and provision on the Path of your Master until He takes charge of your affairs, to you now is the explication and detailed explanation of the meanings of Tafsir of Juz [29] Tabaraka-l-ladhi and Juz [28] Qada Sami`a-llahu [Q:58-Q:77] from the perspective of the shari`ah and the haqiqah.”

(2005) The Ocean of the Mercy

This book, about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (salla allahu alayhi wa-salam), the first and the last of the prophets and messengers of God, praised and exalted is He, was undertaken by the permission of the Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal. The writing of this book was sustained through the spirit of the guide, may Allah reward us by him, in order to portray, through what has been passed down to us in the Traditions, something of the life of the Messenger of Allah (salla allahu alayhi wa-salam).

(2006) The Secret of the Love of God

Allah says, “I was a Hidden Treasure and I loved to be known, so I created the creatures and made Myself known to them, so they knew Me.” Love is then a divine station by which Allah attributes Himself. This book is very deep, containing descriptions, levels and stations of the love.

(2006) The Medicine of the Prophet

This healing book, the third in the series, focuses on the spiritual healing practices of the Prophet (salla allahu alayki wa-salam) and includes the practice of cupping.

(2007) He Who Knows Himself Knows His Lord

Presented by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i: “O dear traveler on the path, I will show you how to navigate the road to Allah and walk to your Lord and Protector Who created you. The first chapter concerns the lower world and its pleasures and an explanation of its reality; the second chapter encourages walking on this path and explains its benefits, mentioning the praiseworthy qualities that lead to perfection; the third chapter explains the veils between the slave and his Lord; the fourth chapter explains the commanding self, its walking, its world, its location, its state and what it perceives; the fifth chapter explains the reproachful self and its beautiful and ugly qualities; the sixth chapter explains the inspired self and how it gathers good and evil with the beautiful qualities, but is nonetheless the loci of danger; the seventh chapter explains the tranquil, secure self and its perfection compared to the lower levels; the eighth chapter explains the satisfied self and its beautiful qualities; the ninth chapter explains the pleased self and its marvelous qualities; the tenth chapter explains the perfect self and its nearness and boundless servitude; the eleventh chapter explains the guide.”

(2007) Heal Yourself: There is Medicine for Every Illness

This is the fourth book in the series on healing presented by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i who says, “My beloved, in this book I introduce you to some natural healing remedies so that you may know the uniqueness of the ancient world. You will be exposed to those who used medicinal herbs, who amazed the world by their knowledge and astonished minds with their art.”

(2008) The Reality of Imagination

This book provides a rare glimpse into the world of imagination, within the world of images, revealing the names of the Reality. Imagination provides both the dense and subtle qualities of the human being with the only path to true knowledge of self and God because imagination brings intelligible meanings down into sensory forms.

(2008) Natural Healing: Prevention is the Best Medicine

This is the fifth book in the healing series presented by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i who says, “Thousands of years ago people had knowledge of healing herbs and used them to treat many diseases, and Muslim physicians have been recommending herbs since ancient times. However, industrial development has led to the use of modern drugs, which has reduced the use of healing herbs as remedies.” This book is an introduction to some of these herbs, especially those which grow in the Middle East, shedding light on some of their medicinal benefits.

(2009) The Reality of Gnosis

This book offers readers a rare appreciation of some of Sufism’s deepest understandings about both knowledge of the Real, and those to whom it is granted either through tasting or revelation. While some of the themes here are introduced in earlier of Sidi’s books, this text offers an expansion of these concepts before extending brand new teachings not found elsewhere.

(2009) Prophetic Medicine Book Six

This is the sixth book in the healing series presented by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i on the medical benefits and properties of that which heals the body, heart and soul.

(2009) The Ship of the Family of the Prophet

This book includes an indepth look at the household of the Prophet Muhammad (salla allahu alayki wa-salam) providing us with a deep understanding of the manner in which those of the Family of the Prophet were in his sacred presence, teaches us how these holy people carried the message of the peace, the mercy, the love and the justice, and traces the linage of our beloved Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id and his household back to the Prophet Muhammad (salla allahu alayki wa-salam).

(2010) Migration of the Truthful Traveller

This book is a profound offering and appeal from the Shaykh to his students drawing their attention to the science of worship and knowledge which are the keys to the straight path to God.

(2010) Secrets of the Heart

Knowledge of the heart and the realities of the qualities of the heart is the beginning of religion and the foundation of the path of those who travel the way to Allah. The first part of this book explores the impact of worship and customary practices on the faculties. The second part explores the consequences of the blameworthy qualities on the heart and illuminates those qualities that lead to salvation.

(2010) Spiritual Discourses in the Blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque

These are teachings taught in al-Masjid Al-Aqsa over the past forty years. They include noble ayat from the Quran, the Holy Book of Allah (subhanahu wa-ta’ala) and Holy Conversations (ahadith al-qudsi) narrated by our Master Guide, the Messenger of Allah (salla allahu alayki wa-salam) as he heard them directly from his Lord. They also include Noble Prophetic Conversations (ahadith nabawiyyah) which are the sayings of the Messenger of Allah which were revealed to his heart by way of divine inspiration.

(2011) Song of the Flute of the Deep Knowing

The Guide, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad, was the father who carried the deep secret of the heart of all his students. If anyone in this world can catch a glimpse of this secret, his material world will be destroyed and he would open to receive the message planted in his own heart. When Allah sent His Guide to be in this country to connect with all his students everywhere, He sent the ocean that contained everything the people needed. Through his letters which I have collected since 1977 is the story of how the father shows all his beloved children the way, and how he opens the doors for them to the straight path to Allah, if they live in the garden of the light and follow what he says.

(2011) Qudsi Lessons

This book is an address to the lovers of Allah. O Lover: The secret of the one who is sincere is in accord with his outer appearance and he will be among the truthful believers, the righteous, the pious, and the saints who arrive at the Real (subhanahu wa-ta`ala).

(2011) Songs from the Garden of Love

This collection of questions and answers from 1974 to 1983 were the first conversations between the Shaykh and his students who visited him from the west to follow the path of the Shadhdhuliyyah.

(2012) The Resolute Prophets

This message is the message of Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i to the children of the world who are following the message of the unity, the message of the resolute prophets, may the blessings of Allah be upon all of them. It is a message of the peace, love, mercy, justice, and freedom, which they passed to us to spread happiness everywhere in the world by the following and application of its principals.

(2012) The Natural Healing of Medicinal Plants

This is the 7th healing book published by Sidi Mu ̨ammad Press on the subject of Prophetic Medicine.

(2013) The Degree of the Women in the Religion of Islam

This book is a collection of the teachings of Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i ash-Shadhdhuliyyah on women in Islam. It is a gathering of teachings from his zawiyyah in the Holy City of Jerusalem from 1978-1994.

(2014) Wisdom for the Devoted

The message in this book is about what it means to be a sincere follower of the truth. As one who follows commented, “Implied here is the recognition of the chain of guidance that continues through our Shaykh and devoted teachers. This, in fact, is our training ground for surrender.”

(2014) The Guide

The life of the Guide of the peace, love, mercy, justice, and freedom unfolds in the pages of this book. He takes nothing for himself and his generous spirit gives his message to all who seek the truth and knowledge of themselves to heal from the falsehood of worldly life. He holds fast to the principles of religion and puts into practice the giving to the poor which expresses itself in all aspects of his life. Allah filled his heart with light and invested his life in the giving of the truth without separation. This is the way of the Prophets whose line he inherited and he is among the best of Guides who illuminate the path to Allah.

(2015) The Gift of Healing

This book is a book of remedies for healing human illness with the Qur`an and with natural plants which the Lord of the Earth created as a gift for humanity.

(2015) Tafsir

This is an explication and deep explanation of the meanings of Qur`an 36-57 by Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal al-Rifa`i ash-Shadhdhuliyyah.

(2016) Al-Wadhifatu-S-Salaatu-l-Mashishiyyah

This is among one of the first teachings given to us by our Guide. It connects us, from our first meeting with him, to his spirit and to being carried on the Path of the Unity for the rest of our lives. This is the way of the Unity with our Guide, our masters, and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (salla allaahu ‘alayhi wa-salaam). Without this connection there is no walking for the student. He goes through his brothers and sisters and through his Guide to meet him face to face in the world of the Unity to be He without separation. Death is true only by virtue of our separation from the Path that carries us to the Secret of his Presence.

This book has been stitch bound for your easy lay-flat use and durability. An audio CD of our beloved Guide Sidi reciting the wadhifa 40 years ago is also included in this addition.

BOOK & AUDIO: Al-Wird Ash-Shadhdhuliyyah

This is an audio recording provided for learning the prayers for Salat and the Shadhdhuliyyah exercise for the soul which is the wazifa, the prayer of ibn Mashish passed down to us through our guide. This is not a recitation, but is a slow reading of each word, by Mahdi and Huda al-Jamal, for those who are trying to learn correct pronunciation.

This book has been stitch bound for your easy lay-flat use and durability. An audio CD of our beloved Guide Sidi reciting the wadhifa 40 years ago is also included in this addition.

(1978) AUDIO: Al-Wird CD recording

This recording, titled “Al-Wird Ash-Shadhdhuliyyah”, is from our Master Shaykh Muhammad Sa’id al-Jamal ar-Rifa’i. It was recorded on a very cheap cassette player in his zawiyyah in 1978. To bring it to present students it has been meticulously cleaned, perserved, made digital and copied to a CD format. He begins by leading Salat al-isha, then al-wird, which comprises reciting astafir allah 100 times, allahuma salli ala sayyidina muhammadan wa alihi wa salim 100 times, la illaha il’allah 100 times, and as-salat al-mashishiyyah. This is followed by a short dhikr allah.

(1979) AUDIO: Dhikr ash-Shadhdhuliyyah

This is a very old recording which was done in the zawiyyah in Jerusalem in 1979 on the holy night of Lailat al-qadr. Presented here is a small portion of that night’ remembrance.

(1980) AUDIO: As-Salat Al-Mashishiyyah

This is a CD recording, preserved from the year 1980, of our master Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal reciting the Prayer of Ibn Mashish. The Moroccan Sufi, Abd as-salam ibn Mashish, the master of Abu al-Hasan ash=-Shadhili, the founder of the Shadhdhuliyyah Order was the spiritual pole of the age. He died in the year 1228 on Mount al-Alam in the Rif Mountains. His tomb on the summit of this mountain is one of the most venerated places of pilgrimage in the whole of the Maghrib. Only one text by him remains, the famous prayer on the Prophet, may the Prayers and peace of Allah be upon him, which is recited in all the communities of the Shadhdhuliyyah and contains the doctrine of al-insan al-kamil. Our Guide Sidi Shaykh Muhammad sayus that this is the prayer for the opening of the soul to drink directly from the secrets of al-jabarut.

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