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Knowledge of the Sufi Path
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eloved, in the Name of God, look with the Eye of the heart and don’t look back. Understand with the Eye of the Hearing of God. Listen with God, that your hearing may be merged with the Hearing of God. See with God and His Name will come to you. Then you will hear with the Ear of God and see with the Eye of God.

Don’t come to Him without washing clean. By clean I mean empty of all but Him because He wants you to be around His Holy Table and you want to be sitting at this Table. Then you must know that you are in the valley of Holiness and He is the Eye (the source or spring) of the valley. You are in the valley and the valley is Him. And this is the same valley where Moses, peace and blessings be upon him, speaks with his God, and we say that you must take off your shoes as Moses does when he speaks with his Master. By shoes I mean first the world (dunya), then the earth (ard), then the ego (nafs), then the devil (shaytan), and then to come, after that, empty of everything but Him. Then you will see Him and He will see you. You will be facing Him as He is facing you, because first God loves you and then you love Him. If He had not helped you, your life would be in darkness, and you would be drinking the dirty water of this dark world like the animals and the fish in the sea, the big eating the small. If you want to finish with this, you must travel to Him with all your things and follow His way, this way. To behave with His manners and not to follow the manners of anyone but Him, you must go to the source of courtesy.

You cannot reach these things from the tongue or papers or just to open a book and read; but it is necessary to follow the family of God, who know how to ride in the saddle of the horse and who know how to sail in the ship which crosses all the rivers. This ship, the ship of the family of God, looks exactly like the ship of Noah. It is sea-worthy in the ocean of the truths of God, and this sea is so deep. It is not any traveler who can guide this ship, the ship of God. He must know all the secrets. So if you can reach this sea with your ship and you are one who rides in it and are saved from drowning, then know that you will reach Him and He will give you to drink from His spring. Then drink with the Order, from the Cup of Love, which you have been so patiently searching about, which is made for you and you for her. You are one of her children, and your example is exactly like one who is lost in a desert, dying of thirst, who reaches, after believing that you will die, the savior and the Water of Life. Then drink like the camels who are so thirsty, having passed so many days without water, who come at last to the spring and drink and drink and drink until you are quenched. That is the Order.

If you want to ask, what is the meaning of that spring, it is the source of love which all the lovers are searching about. You want to know the way to reach that spring? This is not for you unless you are the talker of your time, the Abraham or Moses of your time. Only in that time, in that season, not before and not after, your picture will change, from the picture of the personality to the image of the truth. And your straight way is the way of the prophets, of the family of God, of the lovers of Allah who have gone before you, the way of the stations that they have passed through; those who have reached the end of the way. For that, you must clean your clothes and leave your mistakes. Do not say, “I give, I give, and it’s a lot.” You must be strong in everything that you do. He will question you about all that you do. He is the Judge. He will ask you why you are in this created world. He will ask you what you are doing for the sick, the poor, and the hungry beings. Did you bring them mercy? Have you been as a dove of peace between them? Have you been as water to extinguish the fire? Have you been the peace to destroy all the wars between them? These are some of your messages. If you are like this, complete it. Don’t hesitate or go so slowly. If you do not do it, you will be of those who suffer. If you want to go beyond all that you have been, then I am your brother to take your hand, and guide you from the darkness to the light, to the garden of truth.

All this comes from the knowledge of the first world (pre-eternity), of the way which was taken by the prophets, and the messengers and all the family of God. And this knowledge is the father of all the sciences, and the dearest, the greatest of them is the knowledge of Tasawwuf, the sufi path, which is to clean your heart so that it may become the house of your Lord. As He says, “Neither My heavens nor My earth contain Me, but the heart of My faithful believer contains Me.” The one who knows this heart, who is this heart, prostrates before Him from the beginning which has no beginning, until the end which has no end; still always prostrating. The one who remembers always the truth of prayer, like the lovers who can’t live without it; they are from Him to Him forever. Who wants to do this work as God Wills? I am not writing to one group of people, but to all the people, wherever they are, who want to know the truth. They are all my lovers, and I wish them goodness, wherever they may be. What do you want to write about God? If all the trees were pens, and all the seas were ink, all that would be just a start. This looks like a little bird who takes a drop of water from the ocean. All the pens will be finished, but the knowledge of God will never be finished. Know that all I have in my heart is what He put in, and still it is nothing. After all these things, in my heart is a great thing… Allah. I can’t explain anymore.

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